Established in Copenhagen 2019 in the back of an old wooden attic room.

Jacob Kaya is the founder of Mellōw. Perhaps it is his background as a chemical engineer that makes him so passionate about the scientific process from cocoa bean to chocolate bar. In any case, he loves to geek out on roasting profiles and flavor notes.

Jacob Kaya Founder

Jacob was hooked on chocolate making after a trip to Panama and a visit to a local cocoa farm. Returning from Panama with a suitcase full of cocoa beans, Jacob started in his kitchen with a kilo of cocoa beans and a toaster oven. The first experiments at chocolate making were done in his apartment in Frederiksberg. Later, in the wooden attic using an extension cord and most recently in production premises in Copenhagen, where we are in full swing creating a bean-to-bar chocolate craft shop.

We aim to raise the bar

Our objective has always been to craft chocolate of the purest and finest quality; from only two ingredients including thoughtfully sourced cocoa beans & natural unrefined sugar. Our processes, products & goals are derived from a sustainable mindset of working with ethical cocoa farming, pure organic ingredients & renewable plastic-free packaging.

We develop our processes from a scientific standpoint in order to contain the high natural concentrations of antioxidants, minerals & vitamins in the handpicked cocoa beans. We aim to inspire people by making well-designed products with help from local creatives.

Honest chocolate. Artistic science.

Science and art go hand-in-hand, when making chocolate at Mellow. We aim to express the natural taste and flavor notes of the cocoa beans, while at the same time maintain the healthy compounds that dark chocolate contain. This include a selection of natural and unrefined ingredients that are treated delicately throughout the whole chocolate making process, in order to sustain the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.