Chocolate made by hand from cocoa beans with respect for people, animals and plants.

We buy cocoa beans exclusively from farmers who grow their cocoa beans under 100% ethical and sustainable conditions.

The cocoa industry has long relied on an unfair supply chain. Large companies help keep chocolate prices unfairly low, ultimately leading to poverty among many cocoa farmers and, in the worst cases, the use of forced and child labor. The majority of the world's 8 million cocoa farmers currently live in poverty, which is one of the main causes of forced and child labor, as well as a lack of environmental concern. As a society we cannot live with this, and it is a development we want to help reverse. At Mellow we therefore only produce chocolate where the farmers are guaranteed proper conditions for their work and the cocoa beans are grown under 100% ethical and sustainable conditions.

Monoculture versus biodiversity

The cocoa industry is one of the most vulnerable agricultural industries worldwide. Many farmers use a fire-fighting technique of deforestation to plant cocoa monocultures - plantations of only one type of cocoa plant. A monoculture is a violent interference with natural vegetation development; however, monocultures can be managed with less labor than a mixed crop. Also, fertilizers, irrigation and pesticides are often needed to ensure yields. A monoculture is very vulnerable to pests and diseases because there are few habitats for a diverse plant and animal life. A monoculture uses up all the nutrients and dries out the soil, which in turn leads to more deforestation. This leads to a loss of biodiversity in cocoa trees, which become more vulnerable to climate change, various diseases and pests.

That is why we only work with farmers who prioritize cocoa varieties that protect the climate as well as animal and plant species. Cocoa varieties that give a smaller yield but a greater variety of flavors, and that support endangered cocoa biodiversity. Farmers grow cocoa in symbiotic plantations with other crops such as bananas, plantains, coconuts, and others to avoid deforestation and biodiversity loss.

We make chocolate from carefully selected cocoa beans and some of the world’s best single origins. We source from farmers that grow their beans in ethical and sustainable ways.