85% Kerta Semaya, West Bali

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Our two-ingredient Kerta Semaya bar is our darkest chocolate bar on 85% cocoa. It is made of just cocoa beans and cane sugar. Made from West Bali cocoa beans it comes out as a very earthy and balanced chocolate bar. 

We have sorted the beans, roasted them, cracked & winnowed, ground and conched and finally tempered, moulded and wrapped it into chocolate bars. All steps done in small batches at our workshop in Copenhagen. 


  • Cocoa beans*
  • Cane sugar*

*Organic Ingredients

A strong chocolate bar with tasting notes of sandalwood, wild honey, and a pleasant walnut astringency.

  • Direct Trade
  • Organic
Introducing the farmer

Kerta Semaya, West Bali

At Kerta Semaya 231 minor farmers grow the cocoa sorts of Java A Criollo, a local hybrid of criollo. Also two locally developed trinitario varieties called RCL Panther and BLB are grown. This creates a cocoa blend with tasting notes of cherry jam, sandalwood & wild honey. Some even taste a pleasant undertone of astringent walnut. In West Bali the main harvesting season runs throughout July to September, and a second harvest in December to January. During harvest the cocoa pods are stored up to 48h at the central cooperative and then broken up for fermentation in 2-tiered wooden boxes covered by banana leaves. The fermentations runs in 3 steps over 6 days. After fermentation the wet cocoa beans are dried in indirect sunlight on locally build raised beds inside a drying house. This procedure is used in this region to protect against the heavy rainy monsoons. Target moisture level is 6.5-7.0%. Finally, the beans are hand-sorted in large sieves and packed into 70kg bags, ready for chocolate making.
Two-Ingredient Chocolate
Ethical Cocoa
Small Batch Chocolate
Crafted in Denmark

Technical Data

Kerta Semaya
  • Origin: Kerta Semaya, Jembrana, West Bali
  • Cocoa Variety: Java A criollo & Trinitario
  • Harvest Season: Primary in Jul-Sep, Secondary in Dec-Jan.

  • Fermentation Process: 2-tier wooden boxes. Covered with banana leaves.
  • Fermentation Time: 6 days (48h-48h-48h)
  • Fermentation method: Spontaneous Fermentation
  • Drying method: Raised beds in drying house
  • Drying time: 6-8 days
  • Bean size: 95-105 beans pr 100 gram