Cocoa nibs - Kokoa Kamili

80,00 DKK

Freshly roasted cocoa nibs with tasting notes og nuts & citrus. They are made for Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania, cocoa beans that has been lightly roasted, cracked and winnowed. 

What Are Nibs?

Cocoa beans consists of three parts: the meaty inside, called the nib; the radicle, a small embryonic root; and the very thin outer husk. Cocoa nibs are the flavour full part of the beans, and are what we use to make chocolate. In our work shop we grind them in melangers together with unrefined cane sugar. 

How Can I Use Them?

We recommend using nibs similarly to nuts in cookies, salads, bread, and so on, but they can do so much more than that. They are flavour full and can be punchy and acidic like ripe strawberries, toasty and nutty like roasted nuts, or creamy and sweet like soft fruity ice cream. Cocoa nibs are the pure and most direct expression of a cocoa bean’s flavour in its fullest form.

What Makes the Interesting Flavour of Nibs?

The flavour of cocoa beans and therefore also of cocoa nibs is impacted by many parameters. This includes the genetics of a cacao tree, the region and climate where it is grown, the fermentation and drying at origin, our roasting profile of the beans and the different varies from harvest to harvest. And so much more.


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