Coconut Milk, Caribbean

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A rich chocolate bar with vegan milk chocolate.

Öko Caribe cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic combined with organic coconut milk and cane sugar blend into a rich, dark plant-based “milk” chocolate. Handcrafted, gently roasted and slowly conched, enhancing the natural qualities of the cocoa beans.


Cocoa origin Öko Caribe, El Cibao Region, Dominican Republic, 2020 harvest.

Cocoa formulation 50% Criollo & Trinitario cocoa.

Ingredients Cocoa beans, cane sugar, coconut milk & cocoa butter.

Key procedures Organic coconut milk are blended into a fresh batch Öko Caribe chocolate to form a bold vegan milk chocolate.

Hand-crafted in Copenhagen.


Dominican Republic

Öko Caribe

When Ariano and Gualberto founded Öko Caribe in 2006, they had one goal: raising the standard of quality cocoa combined with good ethics. With the knowledge they had built over many years of working with cocoa, they went all other ways than mainstream. Öko Caribe creates a sustainable environment for many of the smallholder farmers in the region. From the village Pimentel in San Francisco de Macoris, they are collaborating with 180 farmers.

Öko Caribe

Technical data

Origin Öko Caribe, El Cibao Region, Dominican Republic, 2020 harvest.

Harvest season Mar-Aug

Cocoa variety: Trinitario & Criollo.

Fermentation 5-6 days.

Drying 10 days in average.

Bean size 96 beans per 100grm.

Other crops in area Plantain, avocado & sapodilla.

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