Easter Egg - From bean-to-egg

185,00 kr

Our Easter Egg box consists of a large bean-to-egg chocolate made of dark 70% Kokoa Kamili from Tanzania. Inside the egg are 3 smaller eggs made of our coconut milk, oat milk and new coffee latte flavour. You will also find a special surprise inside the box - a smaller box with seeds. Here you can, as a family Easter project, go and plant the seeds of a plant belonging to the cocoa plantation. 


The large egg is made of our 2-ingredient 70% Kokoa Kamili chocolate.

The 3 small eggs are made of 3 of our plantbased milk chocolates - coconut milk, black oats & coffee.

Large egg ingredeints:

  • Cocoa beans*
  • Cane sugar*

Small eggs ingredients:

  • Coconut milk*
  • Cocoa butter*
  • Black oats*
  • Coffee beans*

*Organic ingredients

Direct trade


From bean-to-egg in Copenhagen

Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania

In the small village of Mbingu within the Kilombero Valley, about a 15 hour drive from Tanzania's capital lies the Kokoa Kamili cooperative surrounded by exceptionally fertile soil. Today, Kokoa Kamili works with nearly 3000 smallholder farmers, to whom they pay a premium for their wet cocoa, while performing their own fermentation and drying.